El Primero Dia

Yes I did it (no, I didn't marry a Mexican and have the intention to stay here forever)No, I l... weiterlesen

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EL Segundo Dia

After 3 hours of sleep and checking whether the passport is really gone, me and Tuomas started the d... weiterlesen

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El Tercero Dia

The morning was not as pleasant as I wished it to be as my room was double booked and I had to check... weiterlesen

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El Cuarto Dia

Guys, be proud of me. After having checked into the new hostel, and finding out there is again no in... weiterlesen

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EL Quinto Dia

I got it. Yes, I have my emergency passport saying that I am a rightful, moral Austrian citizen.So f... weiterlesen

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... weiterlesen

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... weiterlesen

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