El Primero Dia

Yes I did it (no, I didn't marry a Mexican and have the intention to stay here forever)

No, I lost my passport (and yes I know, thats typical for me, so please spare me the comments )

But anyway, I thought I write this short blog about it, so that just in case it happens to somebody of you, you know what to do, or what NOT to do.

So here we go!

El primero dia

After having arrived in Cancun and finding out that you have no idea where your passport is, and therefore you have no chance to enter the U.S.A where your best friends are waiting to celebrate your birthday and New Years Eve with you, you start thinking about several options you have or whom to call to get closer to your passport.

Now I provide you with a short overview of what options you have:

  • Trying to get a hold of the police

Dont! They do not even pick up the phone and when you tell people that you wanna go there because maybe somebody found your passport and gave it to them, people start laughing. Somehow this is not the mexican way of handling lost things.

  • Trying to get a hold of the taxi company you have been taking the whole week in Playa del Carmen because maybe you lost your passport there. Just impossible.
  • Calling the Austrian embassy

Would be a good option but do not dare to call them on a Austrian bank holiday. Conversations will with certainty end up like that:

„Why are you calling, don't you know that it is a bank holiday in Austria (oh I am sorry, of course , why didn't I think of that, when I find out that I am stuck in fucking Mexico) Come by tomorrow.


  • Go to the airport and ask at the service station for lost and found

As this was my last option I decided to go there.

So after spending 125 mxn pesos to go to the airport and finding out that your passport is not there, there is only one thing you can do to make people start paying attention – start crying.

Thats what I did.

At least this made people starting listening. So they established contact to the airport police. After waiting at the airport for 2 hours to talk to them (Yes, everything is a little bit more relaxed in Mexico), the only thing they could tell me was that they can't do anything and that I have to go to the main police station in the center and that I should contact the U.S. embassy (which was of course closed at that time as I was waiting for this advice for 2 hours)

The only helpful thing they told me is that I should have a copy of my passport stating that I am the person I am claiming to be.

So after having printed out the copy of my passport, I went to the police station. A really nice place to spend 3 hours, especially as it is located in one of the "nicest" districts in Cancún. You will definitely experience a real authentic Mexico.

If you are a girl just keep in mind not to go there in a short skirt as you might end up sitting next to 10 prostitutes and people start thinking you are one of them.

 Also bring along somebody who is able to speak spanish, because the general answer to the question"Hablas ingles?" is "no, solo espanol"

 After giving the police woman 150 mxn pesos you leave the policestation with a report saying that you lost your passport. So at least you achieved something.

So after day 1 I spent a lot of pesos on nothing and had one report saying that I lost my passport.

As the nice woman from the Austrian Embassy scheduled an appointment for me the next day, my plan was to go there and to the American Embassy to find out whether I can enter the U.S.

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