EL Segundo Dia

After 3 hours of sleep and checking whether the passport is really gone, me and Tuomas started the day with trying to find the American consulate. Not that easy as the consulate changes its position twice a year and nobody knows the real adress. Going there and spending 300 mxn pesos for the cab was quite senseless as they started laughing and saying, honey without a physical passport there is no way they let you in (and no , crying is not working in that case)

Next stop: the Austrian consulate (as it is no bank holiday today) If you think you can expect a nice warm welcome , as you are the citizen they should help and as you are stuck in a country you do not want to be stuck in – you are mistaken.

With the austrian politness i was greeted by: Why are you late, I told you you should be here at 9, usually I would have dinner with my son now. I can't promise you that I will stay here. If we are in the middle of filling out the forms I will just leave if he calls.

In the end – after I started crying again – she stayed until I filled out all the forms. So with one form saying I lost my passport and with another form saying I wanna have a new passport in my hands we went to take pictures for this new passport ( the best pictures you have ever seen in your life I can promise you that one). OF course taking such important pictures takes one day so that sending it to the embassy is not possible today.

After having lunch with Tuomas and convincing him that I am not going to die here in Mexico (when I said, it I was not quite sure by myself) we went to one of the few hotels which still had a room free.

After tuomas left and a nice skype session with Stephane and Pierre who found it enormously entertaining that I am stuck in Mexico I fell asleep.

30.12.11 22:04


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