El Tercero Dia

The morning was not as pleasant as I wished it to be as my room was double booked and I had to check out.

So I decided to go to the consulate as I have to bring her my pictures anyway and hope that she lets me use the internet, as I needed a hotel to stay.

After driving around for 1 hour in a cab ( if cab drivers say: sisi, claro, conozco la dirrecion, do not under any circumstances believe them – they do not know) I arrived at the consulate.

We checked the pictures ("haha looks funny no? This picture with the numbers on it, as you were in jail." Yes she is up for good jokes.) and explaining to her four times yes it is my birthday in 3 days, yes there is nobody i can spend it with.) we sent the forms to Mexico City.

They try to send the passport back by friday, but there is one big problem with the whole friday – issue, you remember her son? Yes, she takes the day off on Friday, because she knows its urgent for me but she is not going to put her family life behind as she only sees him every sixth month. After I explained her that me waiting in front of the consulate for DHL is not going to give me my passport she was willing to call a second lady who hopefully is going to be there to take my passport on Friday.

So this was done, but wait a second – still no place to stay and no way she is going to let me use the internet ("oh you know, they are so old and they break done so easily I fear you have to go somewhere else."

After looking for an internet cafe for one hour I decided to have breakfast, as food usually always makes you feel better. Than I met a nice woman who took me to all the hotels she knows and now I am in one of them.

Paying 400 mxn pesos for nothing except of a bed and not working internet , but it could be worse. 

Tomorrow I have to check in into a hostel in the Hotel Zone so hopefully I can go to the beach for one day

So guys, who are able to enter and leave countries, cross your fingers for me that this hostel is going to be nice and that I can spend at least one day at the beach as on friday I have to be at the consulate the whole day, just in case my passport arrives (oh you know, we cant say that for sure, as there are holidays and stuff like that and it could also be monday until it arrives)

30.12.11 22:10


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