El Cuarto Dia

Guys, be proud of me. After having checked into the new hostel, and finding out there is again no internet in my room, I decided to have one day of doing nothing and just going to the beach.

This circumstance forced me to talk to people as it was really hot and I wanted to go to the water and I needed somebody to take care of my stuff. Next to me where to french speaking people so I asked them – and guess what – they were Montreal Canadians (no, no Icehockey Players, just Canadians living in Montreal). So we started chatting and in the end we spent the whole day together. The woman is now completely up to turning the whole New Years Eve thing into celebrating my birthday (No, no way we are going to celebrate New Years Eve, we are celebrating Silvia's birthday, oh it was Silvana no? :D )

But anyway, I met new people who are going to spend some time with me the next two days and I have again, the option to improve my French, let's see whether it works out this time.

I also received a message from the Austrian Embassy telling me that my passport is going to arrive tomorrow (30th December) at Cancún, so I will spend the day in front of the Consulate hoping that the passport arrives and hoping that there is somebody who is replacing the woman who took the day off. Secondly I am going to take pictures for the American Visa as the Americans – of course why should it be easy – have different regulations concerning how pictures have to look like.

So, stay tuned :D

30.12.11 22:12


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