EL Quinto Dia

I got it. Yes, I have my emergency passport saying that I am a rightful, moral Austrian citizen.

So finally today on the 30th December I was able to fill out the online application for my Visa with my new passport number

So thats my plan for the following days:

Tomorrow: Singing "happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me"

Sunday and Monday I am going to try to have something like holidays.

Monday evening: going to Merida

Tuesday: first appointment for my Visa

Wednesday: second appointment for my Visa

Wednesday evening: hopefully going back to Cancun with my Passport and my Visa

Thursday: flying to the U.S.


30.12.11 22:16


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Christine Schlögl (30.12.11 23:44)
No worries - my little sister - we will definitely sing with - or even better - for you!!!! Guess that is more a threat than a promise, but anyway, we´ll give our best tomorrow!
Hugs and kisses from austria, your sister!

hans meiser (31.12.11 04:00)
get some teint at least, as it didnt work out in playa

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