Last Days before leaving Mexico


I hope all of you had a really good new year's eve and a rocking party.


I was lucky, I met two Germans and -again- three Canadians and could celebrate New Years with them together.

All in all, even though I missed you all badly and I would have loved to celebrate in Miami, the evening was a blast.

We were partying on the beach until 7 o clock in the morning, so it was quite fun.

After sleeping until 16.00 on the first of january, I just had dinner with the others and went to bed again

Yesterday I took the bus to Merida with Ryan the Canadian guy.

Merida is pretty awesome, the plazas are beautiful and the city and the people are way more Mexican than in Cancun.

I try to upload some pictures of Merida and of my stay in general pretty soon.

Today I had the first appointment at the consulate which was pretty boring-they just took a picture and my fingerprints. So tomorrow at 7.15 I have the real appointment where I - hopefully - can convince them to give me the VISA really quickly on the same day. (Cross your fingers for me)

Tonight we are going to watch some Mayan Dancers at the main plaza. I bet its going to be beautiful, I will definitely take some pictures and show them to you guys.

The time between walking through Merida and waiting for my appointments I spend in the "lobby" ( I think dictionnaries would disagree to call something like that "lobby" to be online, as there is again no internet in the room.

Me and Alberto (the 60 year old who is the owner of the hotel) are already really good friends  He is watching all the Mexican shitty daily soaps and reality shows and I sit next to him the whole day as this is the only spot where I can catch internet. As we are not communicating because he is not able to speak English at all and I am- stilll not - able to speak Spanish we just sit there & smoke one cigarette after another. But he learned me two new words , table - la mesa and chair - el sillon

Not a big progress but at least something.

Ok Alberto starts talking. I should try to communicate with him


See you all soon.


3.1.12 23:32


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